Smartop Spa Covers

Smartop’s one-of-a-kind design makes it the new standard in spa covers. Smartop spa covers are UL safety certified with materials and features that are unmatched in the industry.

Smartop Succeeds Where Other Covers Fail

For more than fifty years, spa owners worldwide have desired an alternative to the ever-failing vinyl cover that becomes water-logged, develops mold and mildew and loses its efficiency and ability to hold in heat, resulting in higher energy costs.

Smartop is the only solution that gives you a hassle and maintenance-free environment, allowing you to relax and enjoy the spa ownership experience you expect and deserve.

Opening and closing Smartop is effortless and easy, while the chic and stylish design is odor, mold, and mildew free! Zero maintenance, combined with a higher heat retention, make Smartop’s performance and long list of benefits, unmatched by any other cover.

The Difference Defined

Non-Water Absorbing Foam
Smartop is insulated with specially formulated, Owens Corning closed cell, waterproof foam, making it impermeable to moisture and water weight gain, thereby preventing sagging and water puddling on the cover. Smartop is sanitary and clean and will not develop mold, mildew or odor.

DecoShield Protective Overlay
DecoShield is an elegant, textured polymer overlay that provides style AND protection to Smartop’s rigid exterior shell. This durable, weather-resistant material is designed to withstand extreme heat and cold, snow, ice, pounding hail and intense UV rays.

Black Anodized Aluminum Trim
The durable, rustproof anodized aluminum trim adds the finishing touch to the aesthetically pleasing Smartop.

Automatic Snow and Ice Melt
Using heat transfer from the spa’s water, Smartop’s polymer panels automatically melt snow and ice off the Smartop ensuring your spa is easily accessible throughout the winter months.

The durable, polymer panels and protective DecoShield overlay makes cleaning quick and easy using common dish soap and water. Smartop does not require the use of costly conditioners, nor is there any required maintenance to the foam, making Smartop effortless and easy to own.

A layer of compression foam is applied to the underside of the cover, creating a tight seal that prevents heat from escaping the spa.

Durable and Strong
Interlocking polymer panels, combined with anodized aluminum reinforcement channels, allow Smartop to support over 1,000 pounds.

Cost and Energy Savings
Smartop’s heat retention capability (often referred to as R-value) has been tested against the highest-rated vinyl covers on the market proving equal in performance. However, unlike traditional vinyl covers, Smartop’s R-value remains constant throughout its lifespan due to the closed cell insulating foam never absorbing moisture or water. This results in superior heat retention and cost savings. (Learn more about Smartop’s high heat retention capability later in this brochure.)

Dual Cover Lift System
The patented EAS Lift and Assist component, combined with a rear hydraulic cover lift, makes opening and closing Smartop feather-light and fingertip easy.

Safe and Secure
Stainless steel lockdown cables and a combination padlock prevent unauthorized use of the spa keeping children and unsupervised users safe.

Repairable and Replaceable Components
In the unlikely event Smartop becomes damaged, every component is repairable or replaceable. NEVER deal with the hassle of a costly cover replacement again.

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